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8 Water Softener Alternatives

Water purification system

Soften the water in your house with out lugging heavy luggage of salt or the effort of replenishing your brine tank each week by testing these options to a water softener.
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Clogged showerheads, scale buildup in sinks and home equipment, and dry, itchy pores and skin are simply a number of the issues brought on by arduous water. As an answer, many households use water softeners to cope with this drawback.

Water softeners use a course of referred to as ion trade which refers back to the trade of calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions. Most water softening techniques are salt-based which requires a daily upkeep and replenishment schedule. This could additionally imply a setback of about $686 or extra per yr for a household of 4.

So if you wish to forestall arduous water in your house however don’t need to spend a pricey quantity on water softeners, you might want to scroll down for an inventory of options to water softeners.

1. Reverse Osmosis System

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It has the power to take away as much as 99% of all dissolved solids within the water. Because of this the water that you simply drink that has been handed by way of these methods can be extremely clear and pure.

Reverse osmosis methods are additionally capable of take away impurities from the water, together with fluoride and chlorine so that you simply all the time know precisely what’s within the water that you simply and your loved ones are consuming.

There’s no purpose to purchase bottled water anymore, as you’ll be able to shortly filter your water, take away contaminants, and benefit from the recent water for a fraction of the price of what you would need to pay for it in a retailer.

The meals that you simply make in your house will style considerably higher, because of the pure water that you may be utilizing.

There isn’t a power consumed once you use a reverse osmosis system. Which means you don’t have to fret about a rise in your energy payments or the month-to-month value of operating this technique. Moreover, in case you have been to lose energy or reside in an space the place you didn’t have energy, corresponding to a cabin, you possibly can nonetheless take pleasure in clear and pure water with a reverse osmosis system.

Due to the best way that these techniques can take away so most of the impurities out of your water, you can find that your loved ones will drink extra water, subsequently turning into more healthy than they have been earlier than you had this technique in place.

Some techniques depend on multiple filter, and they’re able to catch any of the impurities in your water. Whereas these are going to be a bit costlier than different fashions available on the market, they may also give you the cleanest water.

By eradicating a lot of the impurities out of your water, these methods can truly enhance the looks, style, and odor of your water, which is nice when you stay in an space the place the water doesn’t odor or style excellent.

Upkeep of those methods is extremely quick and straightforward, and also you don’t have to fret about it taking a very long time. Whereas fashions might differ, most have to have the filter changed a few times a yr and the membrane itself solely changed each two to 3 years. In fact, this is dependent upon the standard of water in your space and the way typically the reverse osmosis system is definitely used.


An excessive amount of chlorine within the water can truly injury the system and trigger the householders to need to make costly repairs or exchange elements to make sure that it’s working once more correctly.

Reverse osmosis is just not a speedy course of and may take a while to work. Should you use all the filtered water directly that was saved in your holding tank, then you’ll have to watch for some time till it has crammed again up. The tank will refill slowly, because the water strain from your property is what pushes the water by way of the semipermeable membrane to filter it and take away any of the impurities which might be in your water.

There are tiny pores in a reverse osmosis system that may turn into clogged in case you are not cautious and don’t carry out correct upkeep. Because of this you’ll have to pay extra to restore your system and have it working correctly once more.

It’s necessary that you simply take time yearly to sterilize and clear out your reverse osmosis system so that you simply don’t have to fret about mould or mildew rising within the system and negatively affecting the well being of anybody who drinks your water.

Filter replacements could be pricey, and since they’re an expense that you need to pay regularly, it’s important that you simply plan forward for this value and are ready for it.

The extra filters that your reverse osmosis system makes use of, the costlier your common maintenance goes to be when you must exchange all the filters directly.

2. Electromagnetic Water Remedy


Electromagnetic Water Treatment

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The output of any water from this remedy goes to be good for consuming.

Since there aren’t any harmful chemical compounds added to the water, you don’t want to fret concerning the security of the water and whether or not or not you may give it to your loved ones.

There are not any additional techniques that have to be put in to deal with your consuming water.

Calcium stays within the water as an alternative of being eliminated. Whereas different remedy choices take away calcium and substitute it with sodium, electromagnetic water remedy units depart the calcium within the water.

There isn’t any waste if you use these techniques, which could be very useful for the surroundings.

In contrast to salt-based softeners that require the salt to be refilled regularly, there are only a few operating prices related to one of these water remedy.

Most models are capable of scale back or remove the odor and style of sulfur.

Whereas different softeners may be loud, this kind of softener could be very quiet.

Your family home equipment and garments will final so much longer and your cleaning soap and shampoo can be simpler when used for cleansing.

All limescale can be eliminated out of your pipes and shall be unable to type once more sooner or later.

Good to be used on a really giant property, in contrast to some salt-free softeners that aren’t efficient if the water hardness degree is over 25 grains/gallon.

There are not any added chemical compounds or salt put into the water, and since there’s no backflush, these models are quick and straightforward to put in and have operating very quickly.


Any electrical gadgets close to your system can have an effect on how efficient it’s. That’s as a result of magnetism is definitely affected by any kind of electrical cost that’s within the space.

Water needs to be in touch with the magnetic space as a way to be softened. Whether it is faraway from the magnetic space for greater than 48 hours then it can return to its onerous state. This implies you can not deal with your water after which retailer it for an prolonged time period and anticipate it to have the identical advantages.

There’s a large lack of documented research, explanations, and knowledge that can be utilized to again up the claims of those models.

You do should have these methods attached electronically, though they use little or no electrical energy.

As a result of they’re so new to the market these techniques are typically fairly costly.

Your new system needs to be completely matched together with your water move fee, chemical composition, and temperature. Fashions can differ in how efficient they’re based mostly on these elements, which can make them look like they don’t seem to be almost as environment friendly as conventional water softeners are.

three. Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC)

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Don’t require any upkeep, electrical energy, or salt to work. As soon as the unit is about up and working appropriately, then there isn’t any cleansing that has to occur regularly, and chemical compounds don’t have to be added to the unit to make sure that it’s working correctly.

The remedy medium that’s chosen will truly soften the water. This medium is usually ceramic-polymer beads, and the resin will rework any minerals within the water to their crystal type as an alternative of their ionic type, which signifies that they’re washed away within the water versus attaching to pipes or home equipment.

Each magnesium and calcium aren’t faraway from the water. Because of this these useful parts will nonetheless be current in your house water provide. In contrast to different kinds of water softeners which do take away these useful parts, you gained’t have to fret concerning the well being and security of your loved ones once you select this feature.

That is an extremely environmentally pleasant choice that’s nice in case you are involved concerning the impression that your water softener has on the world round you.

There aren’t any digital management valves. As a result of these valves are typically extremely costly, they will add rather a lot to the price of your softener once they break and it’s a must to substitute them, which could be troublesome for people who find themselves on a price range.

Since there isn’t any backwashing, this doesn’t need to be related to your drain.

There isn’t any brine discharge or backwash from the unit, which signifies that you’ll save some huge cash annually in your water payments because of this feature.

The life expectancy of the tank could be very lengthy, which can lower the sum of money that you need to spend treating your water.

No sodium is added to the water, making certain that the style and high quality of your water just isn’t affected.


There haven’t been a variety of unbiased exams to point out precisely how efficient these models are in the long term.

Usually, they’re considerably chlorine tolerant, nevertheless, your medium will final for lots longer earlier than needing to get replaced should you use a carbon filter to take away any chlorine earlier than it passes by means of the medium.

Many models have to be shielded from iron in order that it doesn’t construct up and hurt the unit and the medium. Utilizing a filter or different system to take away any iron earlier than it passes via the medium is advisable for the absolute best outcome.

four. Digital Water Conditioning System

Electronic Water Conditioning System

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An digital water conditioning system is cheaper than a standard water softener. It removes present arduous water and prevents it from coming again in any sort of pipe. It’s additionally a limescale remover and might be put in by your self.

5. Salt-Free Water Softener

Salt-Free Water Softener

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It’s a maintenance-free system that’s eco-friendly and doesn’t require electrical energy to function. It’s eco-friendly, zero waste water, and naturally softens water with out salt.

6. Electrochemical Water Remedy

This know-how is also called steady electrolytic deionization, capacitive deionization or electrically regenerated ion trade. It makes use of electrical energy to dissolve hardness minerals and contaminants.

7. Digital Descaler

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This feature prevents and removes onerous water results at a really minimal value. It additionally improves water heater effectivity and doesn’t require any plumbing modifications or hassle-free set up.

eight. Digital Water Descaler

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler - Water Softener Alternative

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This prevents the build-up of limescale and dissolves present deposits whereas additionally retaining wholesome minerals within the water provide. It’s environment-friendly and maintenance-free.

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